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Protein Backbone Alteration in Non‐hairpin β‐Turns: Impacts on Tertiary Folded Structure and Folded Stability

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The importance of β-turns to protein folding has motivated extensive efforts to stabilize the motif with non-canonical backbone connectivity. Prior work has focused almost exclusively on turns between strands in a β-sheet (i.e., hairpins). Turns in other structural contexts are also common in nature and have distinct conformational preferences; however, design principles for their mimicry remain poorly understood. Here, we report strategies that stabilize non-hairpin β-turns through systematic evaluation of the impacts of backbone alteration on the high-resolution folded structure and folded stability of a helix-loop-helix prototype protein. Several well-established hairpin turn mimetics are shown detrimental to folded stability and/or hydrophobic core packing, while less-explored modification schemes that reinforce alternate turn types lead to improved stability and more faithful structural mimicry. Collectively, these results have implications in control over protein folding through chemical modification as well as the design of protein mimetics.

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