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Promising catalytic application by pincer metal complexes: recent advances in hydrogenation of carbon‐based molecules

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In the last two decades, pincer metal complexes have been highly utilized as catalysts for a variety of organic transformations in both industrial and social applications. Owing to the extraordinary chemical characteristics, such as extra thermal stability and easy functionalization, they were extensively utilized for generating novel catalytic species. Besides, the catalytic activity of these pincer metal complexes was achieved with high atom economy and eco-friendly routes. Recently, the catalysts exhibited excellent behaviour towards various immerging systems, such as the hydrogenation of CO2, nitriles, amides, esters, olefins and alkynes, which are valuable for industrial production, academic research, and green environment. The main goal of this review was to highlight how pincer metal complexes function in these catalytic hydrogenation reactions, as well as their mechanistic studies. Specifically, we focus on the most updated advancements in hydrogenation in the last few years. Some outlooks and future suggestions for further related work conclude the paper.

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