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Preparation of a SiO2@Carbon Sphere/SiO2−CNF Multilayer Self‐standing Anode Prepared via an Alternate Electrospraying – Electrospinning Technique

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A robust multi-layer functionalized SiO2@carbon sphere/SiO2−CNF composite self-standing anode was initially fabricated by alternate electrospinning-electrospray techniques, which could increase the loaded content of active particles and mechanical properties for application in high-energy-density and feathery flexible batteries and electronics.


The development of flexible lithium-ion batteries (FLIBs) is restrained by traditional rigidity anodes. Carbon nanofiber (CNF) is a promising anode material owing to its high specific surface and superior ion transportation capability. However, the low amount of active material loaded on the CNFs and the poor stability during long cycling restrain their applications. Herein, a SiO2@carbon sphere/SiO2−CNF self-standing anode was prepared via alternate electrospraying-electrospinning. The SiO2 content of the anode was increased through the electrospraying SiO2@carbon spheres layers, and the electrospun SiO2−CNFs as robust layers enhanced the stability of the anode. The self-standing anode exhibited 633 mA h g−1 in the initial cycle and maintained a 70% Coulomb efficiency for 1000 cycles at a current density of 100 mA g−1, which could be applied in FLIB and other electrochemical storage devices.

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