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Porous Materials for Atmospheric Water Harvesting

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The application of porous materials in atmospheric water harvesting is summarized from the aspects of variety, static performance, kinetic performance, devices, and more., and the prospect of its future development is put forward.


Atmospheric Water Harvesting (AWH) using porous adsorbents is emerging as a promising solution to combat water shortage. Thus, a clearer understanding of the developing trends and optimization strategies of different porous adsorbents can be extremely helpful. Therefore, in this concept, the different types of porous adsorbents and AWH devices are briefly introduced with a focus on the factors that influence the static and kinetic properties of porous adsorbents and their respective optimization strategies. In addition, the fast transport characteristics of water molecules in micropores are studied from the perspective of superfluidity as part of the analysis of the kinetic properties of porous adsorbents. Finally, the future development of porous materials for AWH and the accompanying challenges are summarized.

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