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Polyketide Synthase‐Mediated O‐Methyloxime Formation in the Biosynthesis of the Oximidine Anti‐cancer Agents

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Bacterial trans-acyltransferase polyketide synthases (trans-AT PKSs) are modular megaenzymes that employ unusual catalytic domains to assemble diverse bioactive natural products. One such PKS is responsible for the biosynthesis of the oximidine anticancer agents, oxime-substituted benzolactone enamides that inhibit vacuolar H+-ATPases. Here, we describe the identification of the oximidine gene cluster in Pseudomonas baetica and the characterization of four novel oximidine variants, including a structurally simpler intermediate that retains potent anticancer activity. Using a combination of in vivo, in vitro and computational approaches, we experimentally elucidate the oximidine biosynthetic pathway and reveal an unprecedented mechanism for O‑methyloxime formation. We show that this process involves a specialized monooxygenase and methyltransferase domain and provide insight into their activity, mechanism and specificity. Our findings expand the catalytic capabilities of trans-AT PKSs and identify potential strategies for the production of novel oximidine analogues.

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