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Peroxygenase‐Promoted Enzymatic Cascades for the Valorisation of Fatty Acids

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The Front Cover shows enzymatic cascades for the valorisation of fatty acids with peroxygenase-catalysed hydroxylation as key step. Functionalisation of fatty acids generally relies on pre-existing functional groups such as C=C-double bonds. In their Research Article, F. Hollmann and co-workers demonstrated the synthetic potential of a peroxygenase mutant AaeUPO for selective fatty acid oxyfunctionalisation. The primary products (i.e., hydroxy fatty acid (esters)) are interesting building blocks for lactone- and polyester synthesis. Furthermore, the ω-1 hydroxy fatty acid (esters) produced were transformed into alcohols, esters and amines via multi-enzyme cascades thereby paving the way for new fatty acid valorisation pathways. More information can be found in the Research Article by F. Hollmann and co-workers.

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