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Peptide-derived coordination frameworks for biomimetic and selective separation

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Peptide-derived metal–organic frameworks (PMOFs) have emerged as a class of biomimetic materials with attractive performances in analytical and bioanalytical chemistry. The incorporation of biomolecule peptides gives the frameworks conformational flexibility, guest adaptability, built-in chirality, and molecular recognition ability, which greatly accelerate the applications of PMOFs in enantiomeric separation, affinity separation, and the enrichment of bioactive species from complicated samples. This review focuses on the recent advances in the engineering and applications of PMOFs in selective separation. The unique biomimetic size-, enantio-, and affinity-selective performances for separation are discussed along with the chemical structures and functions of MOFs and peptides. Updates of the applications of PMOFs in adaptive separation of small molecules, chiral separation of drug molecules, and affinity isolation of bioactive species are summarized. Finally, the promising future and remaining challenges of PMOFs for selective separation of complex biosamples are discussed. Graphical Abstract Zum Volltext

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