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Organocatalytic Synthesis of Triflones Bearing Two Non‐adjacent Stereogenic Centers

Trifluoromethylsulfones (triflones) are useful compounds for synthesis and beyond. Yet, methods to access chiral triflones are scarce. Here, we present a mild and efficient organocatalytic method for the stereoselective synthesis of chiral triflones using α-aryl vinyl triflones, building blocks previously unexplored in asymmetric synthesis. The peptide-catalyzed reaction gives rise to a broad range of γ-triflylaldehydes with two non-adjacent stereogenic centers in high yields and stereoselectivities. A catalyst-controlled stereoselective protonation following a C–C bond formation is key to control over the absolute and relative configuration. Straightforward derivatization of the products into, e.g., disubstituted δ-sultones, γ-lactones, and pyrrolidine heterocycles highlights the synthetic versatility of the products.

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