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Orbital Nature of Carboionic Monoradicals Made from Diradicals

The electronic, optical, and solid state properties of a series of monoradicals, anions and cations, obtained from starting neutral diradicals, have been studied. Diradicals based on s-indacene and indenoacenes, with benzothiophenes fused and in different orientations feature a varying degree of diradical character in the neutral state which is here related with the properties of the radical redox forms. The analysis of their optical features in the polymethine monoradicals has been carried out in the framework of the molecular orbital and valence bond theories. Electronic UV-Vis-NIR absorption, x-ray solid state diffraction and quantum chemical calculations have been carried out. Studies of the different positive/negative charged species, both residing in the same skeletal p-conjugated backbone, are rare for organic molecules. The key factor for the dual stabilization is the presence in the starting diradical character that enables to indistinctively accommodate a pseudo-hole and a pseudo-electron defect with certainly small reorganization energies for ambipolar charge transport.

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