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Novel Synthetic Strategy for the Production of Fully Bio‐Based Binders Using 2,5‐Diformylfuran

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In this study, biobased binders based on kraft lignin and 2,5-diformylfuran were prepared and characterized with respect to important properties of conventional binders. By varying the composition of the binders, the influences of the individual components were investigated.


In this work, resol based binders were prepared with lignin, resorcinol and the bio-based aldehydic platform chemicals 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) and 2,5-diformylfuran (DFF). In preliminary studies, the solubility and stability of DFF in aqueous-alkaline conditions was investigated. Various binders were prepared to investigate the influence of the HMF-DFF ratio and the influence of the aldehyde concentration on the molar mass, rheological properties and curing characteristics of the final binders. It is shown that significantly higher molecular weights and viscosities are obtained by using DFF instead of HMF. The properties of the final binder could also be affected by the precise choice of DFF concentration, as this resulted in higher levels of crosslinking. This work offers a novel type of fully bio-based binder that consists of non-toxic components and is therefore less hazardous than some conventional binders.

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