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Nitrogen‐containing Porous Organic Polymer Supported Rhodium Catalyst for Hydroformylation of Olefins

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A phosphorus-free and nitrogen-containing supported Rh catalyst are demonstrated to be highly effective in the hydroformylation of various olefins. The supported Rh catalyst could be cycled six times without significant loss of activity. The reason is that Rh species were highly dispersed on the support, leading to the good stability.


The hydroformylation reaction of olefins with syngas (CO/H2) to manufacture aldehydes is one of the largest homogeneous catalytic processes. However, it is important to extend the use of Rh catalysts promoted by nitrogen ligands to heterogeneous system. In this study, a nitrogen-containing porous organic polymer supported Rh catalyst (Rh/TImT-TBPT) was successfully synthesized, as well as showed excellent catalytic activity (TOF=216 h−1) and selectivity of aldehydes (98 %) in the hydroformylation of 1-octene. Furthermore, the catalytic performance of Rh/TImT-TBPT in the hydroformylation of various olefins was also investigated, displaying outstanding results. The catalytic material was characterized by FT-IR, XRD, XPS, TEM, SEM and TGA in detail. The characterization data showed that Rh species were highly dispersed on the support, leading to the good stability. More importantly, the Rh/TImT-TBPT catalyst could be separated from the reaction system at the end of the hydroformylation, and then reused in the next cycle under optimized conditions.

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