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Ni‐rich cathode materials for high‐perform ance Li‐ion batteries: challenges, progress and perspectives

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Ni-rich layered ternary oxides are considered as one of optimal cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries because of high energy density and low raw material cost. However, their local structural defect, microstructural destruction and poor interfacial stability deteriorate the specific energy density, lifespan and safety of batteries. Therefore, understanding the root cause of failure and clarifying their relationship in depth can pave the way to promoting the modification and application of Ni-rich cathode materials (NRCM). In this review, the chain-like failure of NRCM triggered by multiplescaled structure variations are systematically analyzed based on their fundamental characteristic. Subsequently, current tailoring strategies of NRCM at different size scales are especially discussed. Finally, along with the concluding remarks and remaining challenges, the future development possibilities are discussed to stimulate the commercialization of NRCM.

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