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Modular Alcohol Click Chemistry Enables Facile Synthesis of Recyclable Polymers with Tunable Structure

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A facile and versatile method to synthesize a series of recyclable plastics has been developed. It involves the step polyaddition of diols, diacrylates, and COS and arises from the discovery of a new, modular, and efficient click reaction involving alcohol.


The facile synthesis of chemically recyclable polymers derived from sustainable feedstocks presents enormous challenges. Here, we develop a novel, modular, and efficient click reaction for connecting primary, secondary, or tertiary alcohols with activated alkenes via a bridge molecule of carbonyl sulfide (COS). The click reaction is successfully applied to synthesize a series of recyclable polymers by the step polyaddition of diols, diacrylates, and COS. Diols and diacrylates are common chemicals and can be produced from biorenewable sources, and COS is released as the industrial waste. In addition to sustainable monomers, the approach is atom-economical, wide in scope, metal-free, and performed under mild conditions, affording unprecedented polymers with nearly quantitative yields. The produced polymers also possess predesigned and widely tunable structure owing to the versatility of our method and the broad variety of monomers. The in-chain thiocarbonate and ester polar groups can play as breakpoints, allowing these polymers to be easily recycled. Overall, the polymers have broad prospects for green materials given their facile synthesis, readily available feedstocks, desirable performance, and chemical recyclability.

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