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Minimizing Temperature Bias through Reliable Temperature Determination in Gas‐Solid Photothermal Catalytic Reactions

Enormous advances in photothermal catalysis have been made over the years, whereas the temperature assessment still remains controversial in the majority of photothermal catalytic systems. Herein, we methodically uncovered the phenomenon of temperature determination bias arising from prominent temperature differences in gas-solid photothermal catalytic systems, which extensively existed yet has been overlooked in most relevant cases. To avoid the interference of temperature bias, we developed a universal protocol for reliable temperature evaluation of gas-solid photothermal catalytic reactions, with emphasis on eliminating the temperature gradient and temperature fluctuation of catalyst layer via optimizing the reaction system. This work presents a functional and credible practice for temperature detection, calling attention to addressing the effects of temperature differences, and reassessing the actual temperature-based performances in gas-solid photothermal catalysis.

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