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Leveraging Torsional‐cum‐Steric Strains: A Pre‐macrocyclization Strategy Enables Conformation‐Specific Fullerene Binding in m‐Cyclophanes

Though the chemistry of resorcinarenes is half a century old, the conformationally-locked resorcinarene crowns are generally constructed using hydrogen bonds or covalent tethers. Often, covalent tethering involves extra post-macrocyclization steps involving upper-rim functionalities. We have leveraged the torsional-cum-steric strains through α-substituents of the lower-rim C-alkyl chains and accomplished conformationally-rigid fluorescent m-cyclophane deep-crowns in a predetermined way. The strategy offers a pre-macrocyclization route conserving upper-rim functionalities, an aspect overlooked in resorcinarene chemistry. X-ray structural and computational analyses unveil the cause for conformational rigidity in m-cyclophanes due to α-branching in C-alkyls (linear vs. α-/β-branched).  The conformationally-locked fluorescent deep-crown with a preorganized cavity captures hydrophobic spherical guest C60 in both solution and solid states specifically, when compared to conformationally-dynamic boats, enabling conformation-specific binding.

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