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Laser‐Assisted Interfacial Engineering for High‐Performance All‐Solid‐State Batteries

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Laser-assisted interfacial engineering for improving the stability of all-solid-state batteries: The recent achievements of ultrafast pulsed laser ablation, selective laser sintering, laser-induced interlayers, and pulsed laser deposition technologies resulting in stable interfaces in SSB full cells have been reviewed. This review outlines underlying photophysical and electrochemical mechanisms for the enhanced stabilities of laser-processed SSB full cells. It provides insights into future research on the laser-assisted manufacturing of high-performance SSBs.


Safe and high-energy-density solid-state batteries (SSBs) are promising candidates for use as the primary power source of next-generation electric vehicles. However, their poor rate capabilities and long-term cyclabilities because of material and interfacial instabilities have hindered their widespread commercialization. This study reviewed the recent progress of laser-assisted interfacial engineering technologies to address the stability issues at the interfaces of SSBs. First, the overview of the interfacial issues of SSBs is briefly outlined. Subsequently, the recent achievements are summarized according to the photophysical mechanisms of laser processing and the type of interfaces to which they are applied. Consequently, the critical laser processing factors to improve the interfacial stabilities of SSBs are highlighted in detail. Finally, the future challenges and opportunities in laser-assisted interfacial engineering for manufacturing high-performance SSBs have been discussed to provide guidelines for developing reliable and scalable processes.

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