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Indolocarbazole‐Based Multiple‐Resonance Molecules: an Emerging Class of Full‐Color, Narrowband Emitters for Organic Light‐Emitting Diodes

Narrowband emitters based on multiple resonance (MR) effect have shown great promises for applications in high-definition displays. Though most reported MR emitters adopt the boron- and nitrogen- doped triangulene-like skeleton following the design of the DABNA series, MR materials with the nitrogen-only indolocarbazole structures have recently emerged and demonstrated good color tunability from violet to deep red and impressive electroluminescence performances in terms of both efficiency and stability. Herein, we will summarize indolocarbazole-based MR materials in recent reports, with emphasis on their molecular design, synthesis, photophysical and electroluminescence properties as well as some future research directions to unlock the full potential of this fascinating class of materials.

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