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He+ + N2 Charge Transfer Reaction: An Ab initio Analysis

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An ab initio analysis on the involved potential energy surfaces is presented for the investigation of the charge transfer mechanism for the He+ + N2 system. At high collision energy, as many as seven low-lying electronic states are observed to be involved in the charge transfer mechanism. Potential energy surfaces for these low-lying electronic states have been computed in the Jacobi scattering coordinates, applying multireference configuration interaction level of theory and aug-cc-pVQZ basis sets. Asymptotes for the ground and various excited states are assigned to mark the entrance (He+ + N2) and charge transfer channels (He + N2+). Non-adiabatic coupling matrix elements and quasi-diabatic potential energy surfaces have been computed for all seven states to rationalize the available experimental data on the charge transfer processes and to facilitate dynamics studies.

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