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Gel Polymer Electrolytes with Talc as a Natural Mineral Filler and a Biodegradable Polymer Matrix in Sodium‐Ion Batteries

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Natural and abundant talc is used as inert filler in gel polymer electrolytes in sodium-ion batteries. A moderate amount of talc (1 and 3 wt%), coupled with sulfolane as a plasticizer and biodegradable matrix of poly(vinyl alcohol), ensures the best thermal and electrochemical properties.


A gel polymer electrolyte based on poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) is used in sodium-ion batteries (SIBs). The use of biodegradable and water-soluble polymer potentially reduces the negative environmental impact. The other components include sodium salt (NaPF6), sulfolane (TMS) as a plasticizer and talc. For the first time, natural and abundant talc has been used as an inert filler in a gel polymer electrolyte. The best results were obtained for moderate amounts of filler (1 and 3 wt%). Then, an increase in the conductivity, transference numbers, and thermal stability of the membranes was observed. Moreover, the presence of talc had a positive effect on the cyclability of the hard carbon electrode. The discharge capacity after 50 cycles of HC|1 % T_TMS|Na and HC|3 % T_TMS|Na was 243 and 225 mAh g−1, respectively. The use of talc in gel polymer electrolytes containing sodium ions improves the safety and efficiency of SIBs.

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