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Functionalized Cyclopentenones with Low Electrophilic Character as Anticancer Agents

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Furfural was used as a key synthon for the preparation of valuable cytotoxic agents. This was accomplished via the formation of diaminocyclopentenones followed by a tandem Michael addition/elimination to furnish bioactive enaminones. These proved to be toxic in tumor cell lines while being nontoxic toward healthy cell lines.


In this study were synthesized non-Michael acceptor cyclopentenones (CP) from biomass derivative furfural as anticancer agents. Cyclic enones, both from natural sources and synthetic analogues, have been described as cytotoxic agents. Most of these agents were unsuccessful in becoming valuable therapeutic agents due to toxicity problems derived from unselective critical biomacromolecule alkylation. This may be caused by Michael addition to the enone system. Ab initio studies revealed that 2,4-substituted CPs are less prone to Michael additions, and as such were tested three families of those derivatives. We prepare the new CPs from furfural through a tandem furan ring opening/Nazarov electrocyclization and further functionalization. Experimentally the 2,4-substituted CPs exhibited no reactivity towards sulphur nucleophiles, while maintaining cytotoxicity against HT-29, MCF-7, NCI-H460, HCT-116 and MDA-MB 231 cells lines. Moreover, the selected CP are non-toxic against healthy HEK 293T cell lines and present proper calculated drug-like properties.

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