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Exciting Enzymes: Current State and Future Perspective of Photobiocatalysis

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Photobiocatalysis has come to stay: The young field, combining the inherent selectivity of enzymes with the intriguing reactivities of photocatalysis, successfully provides catalytic reactions that are new-to-nature. This Perspective gives an overview of the current state of the field, provides guidelines and quality standards and includes an outlook on the relevant topics of the near future of photobiocatalysis.


The recent increase of interest in photocatalysis spread to biocatalysis and triggered a rush for the development of light-dependent enzyme-mediated or enzyme-coupled processes. After several years of intense research on photobiocatalysis, it is time to evaluate the state of the field in a structured manner. In this Perspective, we suggest to group photobiocatalysis into distinct disciplines and provide principal guidelines and standards for the reporting of photobiocatalytic research results as well as advice on performing photobiocatalytic reactions. Overall, we assess that the field contributes to the diversity of biocatalytic reactions while offering the selectivity of enzymes to photocatalysis. We foresee that the ongoing excitement for light-dependent enzymatic processes will lead to the discovery of novel photobiocatalytic mechanisms to complement biocatalysis with new bond-forming reactions and will provide additional innovative strategies to utilize light as a possible benign energy source.

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