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Ethene‐1,1‐disulfonyl Difluoride (EDSF) for SuFEx Click Chemistry: Synthesis of SuFExable 1,1‐Bissulfonylfluoride Substituted Cyclobutene Hubs

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We present the synthesis of 1,1-bis(fluorosulfonyl)-2-(pyridin-1-ium-1-yl)ethan-1-ide, a bench-stable precursor to ethene-1,1-disulfonyl difluoride (EDSF). The novel SuFEx reagent, EDSF, is demonstrated in the preparation of 26 unique 1,1-bissulfonylfluoride substituted cyclobutenes via a cycloaddition reaction. The regioselective click cycloaddition reaction is rapid, straightforward, and highly efficient, enabling the generation of highly functionalized 4-membered ring (4MR) carbocycles. These carbocycles are both valuable structural motifs found in numerous bioactive natural products and pharmaceutically relevant small molecules. Additionally, we showcase diversification of the novel cyclobutene cores through selective Cs2CO3-activated SuFEx click chemistry between a single S–F group and aryl alcohol, yielding the corresponding sulfonate ester products with high efficiency. Finally, density functional theory calculations offer mechanistic  insights about the reaction pathway.

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