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EnT‐Mediated Amino‐Sulfonylation of Alkenes with Bifunctional Sulfonamides: Access to β‐Amino Sulfone Derivatives

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β-Amino sulfones are commonly found structural motifs in biologically active compounds. Herein, we report a direct photocatalyzed amino-sulfonylation reaction of alkenes for the efficicient production of important compounds by simple hydrolysis without the need for additional oxidants and reductants. In this transformation, the sulfonamides worked as bifunctional reagents, simultaneously generating sulfonyl radicals and N-centered radicals which were added to alkene in a highly atom-economical fashion with high regioselectivity and diastereoselectivity. This approach showed high functional group tolerance and compatibility, facilitating the late-stage modification of some bioactive alkenes and sulfonamide molecules, thereby expanding the biologically relevant chemical space. Scaling up this reaction led to an efficient green synthesis of apremilast, one of the best-selling pharmceuticals, demonstrating the synthetic utility of the applied method. Moreover, mechanistic investigations suggest that an energy transfer (EnT) process was in operation.

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