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Electrochemical conversion of CO2 in non‐conventional electrolytes: Recent achievements and future challenges

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Electrochemical reduction of CO2 in traditional aqueous electrolytes suffers from low faradaic efficiency towards desired products which can be traced back to low CO2 solubility and strong competition from the hydrogen evolution reaction. The use of non-conventional electrolytes aims to mitigate these issues. This review will give a focused overview summarizing some of the most recent contributions on the electrochemical conversion of CO2 in organic solvents, ionic liquids, solid electrolytes, and brines. We summarize the findings in terms of activity, selectivity, and durability for each of the systems. In addition, it provides an outlook about the role of water, cations, and anions in the reaction. We also highlight the challenges of the electrochemical reduction of CO2 in each of the electrolytes. All the studies referred to in this review contribute meaningfully to reaching the technical targets for CO2 electrolyzers in non-conventional electrolytes.

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