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Effect of polymeric ligand grafting region on confined assembly of gold nanorods in cylindrical nanopores

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The grafting region of polymeric ligands exhibit a significant influence on the assembly behavior of polymer tethered gold nanorods (AuNRs) in confined space. In this work, the effect of core size, molecular weight and grafting region of ligands on the assembly structure in cylindrical nanopores was investigated. It is found that polystyrene end-tethered AuNR (AuNR@End-PS) exhibits a dumbbell-like shape, while the AuNR with PS tethered on entire surface (AuNR@Full-PS) shows a rod-like morphology that gradually transforms into a spherical shape as the molecular weight increases. AuNR@End-PS is affected by the special steric hindrance at both ends, and prefers to form special structures such as inclination arrangement, whereas AuNR@Full-PS prefer to be arranged shoulder-to-shoulder in a chain-like assembly. The confinement effect was studied as well by varying the diameter of pores. The results show that the nanoparticles prefer to arrange into a regular and ordered assembly structure in the strong confinement spaces. Under the synergy of confined spaces and ligands at both ends, the AuNRs@End-PS are more likely to form a tilted order-assembly structure. The results of this work could provide new ideas and guidance for the preparation of ordered assembly of AuNRs with novel structures.

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