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Direct Photopatterning of BODIPY‐Based Small Molecules via Thiol‐ene Click Chemistry

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A BODIPY-based small-molecule photopatterned surface by thiol-ene click chemistry was prepared at room temperature using only 366 nm UV light.


We demonstrate a BODIPY-based small molecule photopatterned surface by thiol-ene click chemistry at room temperature utilizing only 366 nm UV light. The resulting cross-linked polymer exhibits porous surfaces according to AFM and TEM results. A dramatic blue shift occurred in absorption spectra and the photoluminescence was also intensified as a result of crosslinking. Optical and electrochemical results are compatible with the DFT calculations. The obtained results prove that the photopatterned BODIPY-based material can be easily and inexpensively applied in multilayer optoelectronic devices.

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