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De‐risking S‐F bond formation:A gas cylinder‐free strategy to access S(IV) and S(VI) fluorinated compounds.

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The sulfur-fluorine partnership occupies a privileged position in fluorine chemistry given the functional versatility that it imparts to organic structures. Despite this, available methodologies to forge S–F bonds are limited compared to C–F bond formation. Here, we describe a synthetic protocol that selectively enables the oxidative halogenation of aliphatic, aromatic, and heteroaromatic thiols to their corresponding SF4Cl, SO2F and SF3 derivatives. Selective oxidation of thiols to either S(IV)–F or S(VI)–F compounds is achieved by employing bench-stable calcium hypochlorite as chlorine surrogate (CLOgen), in the presence of KF as fluoride source. DFT calculations provided insight into the mechanistic aspects of the transformation and rationalized the observed isomeric preference towards the SF4Cl derivatives. Ultimately, this glovebox-free method selectively dispatches three classes of compounds upon reaction condition fine-tuning. Furthermore, first-in-class transformations are reported, including the preparation of aliphatic SF4Cl intermediates, their transformation into aliphatic sulfur pentafluoride analogs, and post-transformations that allow accessing highly complex SF4-bridged scaffolds.

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