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Cover Feature: On‐Surface‐Assembled Single‐Layer Metal‐Organic Frameworks with Extended Conjugation (ChemPlusChem 5/2023)

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The cover feature image shows the construction of single-layer metal-organic frameworks with extended conjugation (SL-cMOFs) by on-surface coordination assembly. SL-cMOFs exhibit electronic bands that lead to high conductivity or non-trivial quantum phases. On-surface coordination assembly, in which molecular linkers and metal atoms assemble on atomic flat substrates via in-plane coordination, offers a unique approach for preparing SL-cMOFs. Experimental characterizations of the geometries and conjugated band structures of SL-cMOFs have been achieved by surface techniques such as scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy. More information can be found in the Review by Jing Liu and Nian Lin.

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