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Cover Feature: Novel Strategy for the Formulation of High‐Energy‐Density Cathodes via Porous Carbon for Li‐S Batteries (ChemSusChem 10/2023)

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The Cover Feature shows the design of a high-energy sulfur electrode of a lithium–sulfur battery made of porous carbon. The porous carbon material not only functions as a conductive network by taking up sulfur, but it also suppresses the release of polysulfides produced during the electrochemical reaction. Furthermore, carbon nanotubes are employed to assist in the transfer of electrons between sulfur particles, enhancing the electrical conductivity of the electrode with a low concentration. Lithium–sulfur batteries with high gravimetric energy density are expected to be applied to urban air mobility (UAM) in the future. More information can be found in the Research Article by D.-S. Kim et al.

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