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Control Strategies for Enhanced Biogas Production from Chicken Manure

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Control strategies adopted in formulation and anaerobic digestion of chicken manure (CM) to promote biogas production are reviewed and discussed. Pretreatment using physical, chemical, biological, and thermal techniques successfully improves hydrolysis of CM as well as biogas and methane production. The proposed control strategies enable efficient use of CM resulting in higher biogas production.


The control strategies adopted in formulation and anaerobic digestion (AD) process of chicken manure (CM) for the control and enhancement of biogas production are reviewed. The existing limitations and future challenges in the production of biogas from AD of CM are briefly discussed. The control strategy adopted for formulation is pretreatment of CM (physical, chemical, biological, and thermal) while strategies for AD include selection of optimal parameters (pH, C/N ratio, organic loading rate (OLR), and temperature), co-AD with other substrates, and addition of supporting materials. The pretreatment of CM, selection of optimal parameters, Co-AD of CM with other substrates, and addition of supporting materials overall enhance biogas and methane production due to increase of hydrolysis and C/N and decrease of ammonia inhibition, CO2 and H2S contents. The implementation of developed control strategies in continuous plants, development of new strategies, and use of supporting materials in combinations of two or three for better performance are the future challenges in the AD of CM. The control strategies had a significant impact on the efficient use of CM and improved biogas and methane production.

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