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Caged Luciferase Inhibitor‐Based Bioluminescence SwitchingStrategy Enables Efficient Detection of Serum APN Activity and the Identification of Its Roles in Metastasis of Non‐Small Cell Lung Cancer

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Bioluminogenic probes emerged as powerful tools for imaging and analysis of various bioanalyses, but traditional approaches would be limited to the low sensitivity during determine the low activity of protease in clinical specimens. Herein, we proposed a caged luciferase inhibitor-based bioluminescence-switching strategy (CLIBS) by using a cleavable luciferase inhibitor to modulate the activity of luciferase reporter to amplify the detective signals, which led to the enhancement of detection sensitivity, and enabled the determination of circulating Aminopeptidase N (APN) activity in thousands of times diluted serum. By applying the CLIBS to serum samples in non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients from two clinical cohorts, we revealed that, for the first time, higher circulating APN activities but not its concentration, were associated with more NSCLC metastasis or higher metastasis stages by subsequent clinical analysis, and can serve as an independent factor for forecasting NSCLC patients’risk of metastasis.

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