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An All‐Natural Wood‐Inspired Aerogel

An interesting surface nanocrystallization method was developed to make the surface-inert and weakly interacting wood particles better assemble to construct the aerogel. This bottom-up method allows the preparation of large-size composite aerogels. The wood-inspired oriented channel structure endows the obtained aerogel with superior thermal insulation properties to natural wood and most existing commercial sponges.


The oriented pore structure of wood endows it with a variety of outstanding properties, among which the low thermal conductivity has attracted researchers to develop wood-like aerogels as excellent thermal insulation materials. However, the increasing demands of environmental protection have put forward new and strict requirements for the sustainability of aerogels. Here, we report an all-natural wood-inspired aerogel consisting of all-natural ingredients and develop a method to activate the surface-inert wood particles to construct the aerogel. The obtained wood-inspired aerogel has channel structure similar to that of natural wood, endowing it with superior thermal insulation properties to most existing commercial sponges. In addition, remarkable fire retardancy and complete biodegradability are integrated. With the above outstanding performances, this sustainable wood-inspired aerogel will be an ideal substitute for the existing commercial thermal insulation materials.

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