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Al‐Ce Intermetallic Phase for Ambient High‐Performance Electrocatalytic Reduction of Nitrate to Ammonia

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Here, nanoporous Al11Ce3 intermetallic phase has been designed for efficiently catalyzing nitrate reduction and Zn−NO3 battery, which realizes notable high NH3 yield rate and electricity output.


The conversion of NO3 -to-NH3 by electrolysis is an appealing approach for wastewater treatment; however, such a process is hindered by the lack of efficient catalysts. Herein, taking the nanoporous Al11Ce3 intermetallic phase as an example, its electrocatalytic NO3 reduction reaction capability is first demonstrated. Benefiting from the unique structural feature, optimized intermediates adsorption and formation behavior, and restrained hydrogen evolution, the catalyst shows a remarkable electrochemical performance with a peak faradaic efficiency of 91 % and yield rate of 4.35 mg h−1 mgcat −1, along with robust activity over 30 h. Further, a Zn−NO3 battery by using Al11Ce3 as the cathode was designed, which gives a maximal power density of 8.5 mW cm−2 and a corresponding NH3 yield rate of 1.97 mg h−1 mgcat −1.

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