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Advances in MoS2 based Hollow Structural Materials for High‐Performance Metal‐Ion Batteries

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The design of MoS2 based electrode materials with different dimension structure for metal ion battery could promote more active sites and shorten diffusion path of ion, constrain the stack of 2D MoS2 and relieve volume expansion, which provides a constructive suggestion for synthesizing hollow materials with excellent electrochemical performance.


The construction of a hollow structure could promote the diffusion of electrons and ions to improve the electrochemical performance of MoS2 based materials for metal-ion batteries. Herein, we summarize the preparation technique of MoS2 hollow structural materials with different dimensions. The approaches to construct 0D hollow MoS2 materials for electrodes of metal-ion batteries can be divided into the hard template approach, soft template approach, self-template approach, and template-free approach. Among them, the hard template approach and self-sacrifice template approach are controllable but complicated, the soft template approach and template-free approach are simple and scalable but not controllable. Furthermore, as the electrode material of metal-ion batteries including lithium-ion battery, sodium-ion battery, potassium-ion battery or magnesium-ion battery, the 0D hollow structural MoS2 based materials could improve the diffusion kinetics of ion and electron and restrict the stack of MoS2. Furthermore, the 1D hollow MoS2 can provide oriented electron diffusion along with the axial direction, and the 3D hollow MoS2 can offer perforative pores for permeation of electrolytes and more active sites, which results in excellent rate capability and cycling stability. This paper could give inspiration for constructing MoS2 hollow structural materials with different dimensions and provide a constructive suggestion for synthesizing hollow materials with excellent electrochemical performance.

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