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Advancements, Challenges, and Prospects in Rechargeable Solid‐State Lithium‐Air Batteries

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Solid-state lithium-air batteries have captured wide attentions owing to their ultrahigh theoretical energy density and comparably high safety. In this review, recent advances in solid-state Li-air batteries (SSLABs) are systematically presented in terms of solid electrolytes (SE), interface issues, and cathode design. The current challenges and future prospects of this battery system are also discussed. It is hoped that this review will provide guidance for the future evolution of high-performance solid-state Li-air batteries.


Solid-state lithium-air batteries (SSLABs) are attracting widespread research interest as emerging energy storage systems with ultra-high theoretical energy density. However, due to their relatively short development history, the practical capacity and cyclic performance of SSLABs still fail to meet application requirements. The selection of solid electrolytes and the design and optimization of air cathodes are key factors for developing high-performance solid-state lithium-air batteries. In this review, we focus on recent scientific advances and challenges in SSLABs, providing a comprehensive overview of solid electrolytes, air cathodes, and interface issues. Strategies such as electrolyte modification, composite cathodes, interface engineering, and the addition of catalysts which have been effective in addressing issues related to low ionic conductivity of electrolytes, high interfacial impedance, sluggish kinetics of electrochemical reactions, and poor cycling stability, were reviewed and discussed. Furthermore, this review also discusses the prospects of SSLABs, aiming to inspire and provide references for the development of solid-state lithium-air batteries, as well as other metal-air batteries.

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