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3D‐Printed Hydrogels and Aerogels for Water Treatment and Energy Storage Applications

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3D-printing has attracted significant attraction and has progressed as a powerful manufacturing tool with advanced technology. This review emphasizes the several 3D printing methods in detail. Also, the main aim of this review is to explore the application of 3D-printed hydrogels and aerogels in water treatment and energy storage applications such as in supercapacitors and batteries.


Recently, three-dimensional (3D) printing has become a research focus point and has evolved as a powerful tool for manufacturing complex objects for advanced technology platform designs. Herein, we review the current state-of-the-art 3D-printed hydrogels and aerogels for wastewater treatment and energy storage applications. Several 3D printing methods such as direct ink writing, digital light processing, and fused filament fabrication have been discussed. Among these, direct ink writing is the most employed 3D printing technique for hydrogels and aerogels. We systematically investigated the most important results of several 3D-printed hydrogels and aerogels for adsorption, photocatalysis, membrane filtration, and desalination for wastewater treatment, supercapacitors, and batteries in energy storage applications. Finally, we conclude our understanding with the prospect of future opportunities in this field using 3D-printed hydrogels and aerogels for wastewater treatment and energy storage applications. In summary, the fundamental knowledge of 3D printing and critical assessment of the key literature on 3D-printed hydrogels and aerogels and their applications in water treatment and energy storage will provide guidance for future studies in smart materials and waste management aspects of sustainability.

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