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(3+2)‐Cyclization reactions of unsaturated phosphonites with aldehydes and thioketones

By exploiting the unique reactivity of ethynyl-phosphonites we obtain novel P(V)-containing five-membered heterocycles via (3+2)-cyclization reactions with aldehydes or cycloaliphatic thioketones in satisfactory to excellent yields. Whereas reactions with thioketones to yield 1,3-thiaphospholes-3-oxides occur smoothly at room temperature with equimolar amounts of the starting materials in absence of any catalyst, the analogous conversions with aldehydes to generate 3-oxides of 1,3-oxaphospholes require addition of triethylamine as a base. We postulate a step-wise (3+2)-cyclization mechanism for the formation of the 1,3-thiaphosphole ring based on DFT quantum chemical calculations. With this study, we introduce new cyclization reactions originating from unsaturated phosphonites as central synthetic building blocks to yield previously inaccessible stable phosphorus-containing heterocycles with unexplored potential for the molecular sciences.

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