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Turn‐on Circularly Polarized Luminescence in Chiral Indium Chlorides by 5s2 Metal Centers

Introducing chirality into the metal-halide hybrids has enabled many emerging properties including chiroptical activity, spin-dependent transport, and ferroelectricity. However, most of the chiral metal-halide hybrids to date are non-emissive, and the underlying mechanism remains elusive. Here, we show a new strategy to turn on the circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) in chiral metal-halide hybrids. We demonstrate that alloying Sb3+ into chiral indium-chloride hybrids dramatically increases the photoluminescence quantum yield in two new series of chiral indium-antimony chlorides. These materials exhibit strong CPL signals with tunable energy and a high dissymmetry factor up to 1.5×10-2. Mechanistic studies reveal that the emission originates from the self-trapped excitons centered in 5s2 Sb3+. Moreover, near-ultraviolet pumped white light is demonstrated with a polarization up to 6.0%. Our work demonstrates new strategies towards highly luminescent chiral metal-halide hybrids.

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