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Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescent Solvent‐free Organic Liquid Hybrids for Tunable Emission Applications

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Hitherto unknown thermally activated delayed fluorescent solvent-free organic liquids with emissions spanning from blue to red have been developed and used for energy transfer-assisted tunable emission, OLED, and 3D-printing applications.


The synthetic feasibility and excellent luminescence features of organic molecules attracted much attention and were eventually found useful in lighting applications. In this context, a solvent-free organic liquid having attractive thermally activated delayed fluorescence features in bulk along with high processability has prime importance. Herein, we report a series of naphthalene monoimide-based solvent-free organic liquids exhibiting cyan to red thermally activated delayed fluorescence with luminescence quantum yields up to 80% and lifetimes between 10 to 45 μs. An effective approach explored energy transfer between liquid donors with various emitters exhibiting tunable emission colors, including white. The high processability of liquid emitters improved the compatibility with polylactic acid and was used for developing multicolor emissive objects using 3D printing. Our demonstration of the thermally activated delayed fluorescence liquid will be much appreciated as a processable alternate emissive material suitable for large-area lighting, display, and related applications.

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