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Synthetic Approaches to Break the Chemical Shift Degeneracy of Glycans

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NMR spectroscopy is the leading technique for structural characterization of glycans and elucidation of their interactions with proteins. Synthetic probes carrying isotopes or lanthanide tags represent elegant strategies to simplify the NMR analysis of the unlabeled analogues, contributing to the fundamental understanding of glycans.


NMR spectroscopy is the leading technique for determining glycans’ three-dimensional structure and dynamic in solution as well as a fundamental tool to study protein-glycan interactions. To overcome the severe chemical shift degeneracy of these compounds, synthetic probes carrying NMR-active nuclei (e. g., 13C or 19F) or lanthanide tags have been proposed. These elegant strategies permitted to simplify the complex NMR analysis of unlabeled analogues, shining light on glycans’ conformational aspects and interaction with proteins. Here, we highlight some key achievements in the synthesis of specifically labeled glycan probes and their contribution towards the fundamental understanding of glycans.

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