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Synthesis of Mucin O‐Glycans Associated with Attenuation of Pathogen Virulence

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Recent studies have reported that pooled mucin O-glycans attenuate virulence in diverse pathogens, but the molecular mechanisms have not yet been established. In this work, an optimized synthetic method is described to generate a small library of mucin O-glycans for biological evaluation of discrete structures.


With the concerning rise in antibiotic-resistant infections, novel treatment options against pathogens are urgently sought. Several recent studies have identified mucin O-glycan mixtures as potent down-regulators of virulence-related gene expression in diverse pathogens. As individual mucin glycans cannot be isolated in sufficient purity and quantity for biological evaluation of discrete structures, we have developed an optimized synthetic approach to generate a small library of mucin glycans which were identified as most likely to display activity. The glycans have been prepared in sufficient quantity to assess biological function, studies of which are currently ongoing.

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