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Synthesis of Fully Exposed Single‐Atom‐Layer Metal Clusters on 2D Ordered Mesoporous TiO2 Nanosheets

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Fully exposed single-atom-layer Pt clusters on 2D mesoporous TiO2 nanosheets have been synthesized by a universal sulfhydryl monomicelles interfacial assembly strategy. The resultant catalyst shows unique chemical state and nanostructures, enabling a high catalytic activity, selectivity, poison tolerance and stability for the hydrogenation of 4-nitrostyrene.


A sulfhydryl monomicelles interfacial assembly strategy is presented for the synthesis of fully exposed single-atom-layer Pt clusters on 2D mesoporous TiO2 (SAL-Pt@mTiO2) nanosheets. This synthesis features the introduction of the sulfhydryl group in monomicelles to finely realize the controllable co-assembly process of Pt precursors within ordered mesostructures. The resultant SAL-Pt@mTiO2 shows uniform SAL Pt clusters (≈1.2 nm) anchored in ultrathin 2D nanosheets (≈7 nm) with a high surface area (139 m2 g−1), a large pore size (≈25 nm) and a high dispersion (≈99 %). Moreover, this strategy is universal for the synthesis of other SAL metal clusters (Pd and Au) on 2D mTiO2 with high exposure and accessibility. When used as a catalyst for hydrogenation of 4-nitrostyrene, the SAL-Pt@mTiO2 shows a high catalytic activity (TOF up to 2424 h−1), 100 % selectivity for 4-aminostyrene, good stability, and anti-resistance to thiourea poisoning under relatively mild conditions (25 °C, 10 bar).

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