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Supported Iridium‐based Oxygen Evolution Reaction Electrocatalysts ‐ Recent Developments

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Ir-supported catalysts: The development of supports able to withstand the OER conditions in acidic PEMWE is of vital importance for the future of hydrogen economy. The various proposed materials to support iridium nanoparticles are summarized here. In addition, their advantages and drawbacks on the catalytic performances are reviewed and analyzed.


The commercialization of acidic proton exchange membrane water electrolyzers (PEMWE) is heavily hindered by the price and scarcity of oxygen evolution reaction (OER) catalyst, i. e. iridium and its oxides. One of the solutions to enhance the utilization of this precious metal is to use a support to distribute well dispersed Ir nanoparticles. In addition, adequately chosen support can also impact the activity and stability of the catalyst. However, not many materials can sustain the oxidative and acidic conditions of OER in PEMWE. Hereby, we critically and extensively review the different materials proposed as possible supports for OER in acidic media and the effect they have on iridium performances.

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