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Sulfur‐Decorated Ni−N−C Catalyst for Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction with Near 100 % CO Selectivity

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Approaching perfection: A sulfur-doped Ni−N−C catalyst (Ni−NS−C) is synthesized by a facile ion-adsorption and pyrolysis treatment method, which yields a current density of 20.5 mA cm−2 under −0.80 V vs. RHE and maximum CO faradaic efficiency of nearly 100 % during electrochemical CO2 reduction.


Developing highly efficient electrocatalysts for electrochemical CO2 reduction (ECR) to value-added products is important for CO2 conversion and utilization technologies. In this work, a sulfur-doped Ni−N−C catalyst is fabricated through a facile ion-adsorption and pyrolysis treatment. The resulting Ni−NS−C catalyst exhibits higher activity in ECR to CO than S-free Ni−N−C, yielding a current density of 20.5 mA cm−2 under −0.80 V versus a reversible hydrogen electrode (vs. RHE) and a maximum CO faradaic efficiency of nearly 100 %. It also displays excellent stability with negligible activity decay after electrocatalysis for 19 h. A combination of experimental investigations and DFT calculations demonstrates that the high activity and selectivity of ECR to CO is due to a synergistic effect of the S and Ni−N X moieties. This work provides insights for the design and synthesis of nonmetal atom-decorated M−N−C-based ECR electrocatalysts.

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