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Stress‐Induced Shape‐Shifting Materials Possessing Autonomous Self‐Healing and Scratch‐Resistant Ability

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The thia-Michael adduct based on highly activated Michael acceptors is exchangeable under ambient conditions in the absence of additional reagents. This allows the covalent adaptable networks possessing the above linkages to be malleable under ambient conditions and exhibit autonomous shape-shifting behaviour along with self-healing and reprocessing ability. These CANs can also be used for scratch-resistant coating applications.


Covalent adaptable networks (CANs) capable of both shape-shifting and self-healing ability offer a viable alternative to 4D printing technology to gain access to various complex shapes in a simplified manner. However, most of the reported CANs exhibit shape-shifting ability in the presence of temperature, light or chemical stimuli, which restricts their further utilization as realization of such a controlled environment is not feasible under complex scenarios. Herewith, we report a set of CANs based on a room-temperature exchangeable thia-Michael adduct, which undergoes rearrangement in network topology on application of external stress. These CANs with tensile strength (≤6 MPa) and modulus (≤71.4 MPa) adopt to any programmed shape under application of nominal stress. The CANs also exhibit stress-induced recyclability, self-welding and self-healing ability under ambient conditions. The transparency and ambient condition self-healing ability render these CANs to be utilized as scratch-resistant coatings on display items.

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