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Strategies for Carbon Dioxide Utilization in Highly Volatile Industrial Transformation Pathways

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This paper presents general strategies for adaption of CCU concepts developed in the Carbon2Chem® project to different COx sources and to the changing framework conditions of the industrial transformation process, combining the three modules CO2 recovery/synthesis gas generation, green energy/molecules, and chemical synthesis/carbon utilization.


German industry is committed to climate targets, but faces uncertainty regarding feasible transformation pathways in terms of future renewable energy availability, the speed of technology development, and the future regulatory framework. The Carbon2Chem® project aims to develop flexible solutions for the chemical utilization of CO/CO2 in various industries with hard-to-abate CO2 emissions. This paper presents general strategies for using Carbon2Chem® technology in the transformation process to reduce CO2 emissions and provide sustainable feedstocks to the chemical industry, both in the short and long term.

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