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Step by Step Induced Growth of Zinc‐Metal Interface on Graphdiyne for Aqueous Zinc‐Ion Batteries

Rechargeable aqueous zinc ion batteries (AZIBs) promise high energy density, low redox potential, low cost and safety; however, their cycle performances are seriously insufficient to restrict the progress in this field. We propose a new concept of atomic electrode formed on the graphdiyne (GDY). This new idea electrode was synthesized by selectively, uniformly, and stably anchoring Zn atoms on GDY at the beginning of plating. The Zn atoms are induced to grow into larger size Zn clusters, which continue to grow into nanoflat. Finally, a new heterojunction interface is formed on GDY without any Zn dendrites and side reactions, even at high current densities. Such stepwise induction of growth greatly suppresses the formation of Zn dendrites, resulting in high electroplating/stripping reversibility and lifespan of AZIBs

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