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Solvent‐less amination of lignin and natural phenolics using 2‐oxazolidinone

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Reactive amine compounds are critical for a vast array of useful chemicals in society, yet limited number of them are derived from renewable resources. This study developed an efficient route to obtain aminated building blocks from phenolic resources derived from nature, such as lignin and tannic acid, for their potential of enhancing their utility in applications such as epoxy resins, nylons, polyurethanes, and other polymeric materials. The reaction utilized a carbon storage compound, 2-oxazolidinone as a solvent and a reagent circumventing the need of hazardous chemistry of conventional amination routes such as those involving formaldehyde. Both free acids and hindered phenolics were readily converted into aminoethyl derivatives resulting in aromatics with primary amine functionality. The aminated compounds, with the potential for enhanced reactivity, can pave the way toward more advanced renewable building blocks.

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