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Simultaneous anodic and cathodic formate production in a paired electrolyzer by CO2 reduction and glycerol oxidation

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Electrochemical CO2 conversion is a key technology to promote the production of carbon-containing molecules, alongside reducing CO2 emissions leading to a closed carbon cycle economy. Over the past decade, the interest to develop selective and active electrochemical devices for electrochemical CO2 reduction emerged. However, most reports employ oxygen evolution reaction as an anodic half-cell reaction causing the system to suffer from sluggish kinetics with no production of value-added chemicals. Therefore, this study reports a conceptualized paired electrolyzer for simultaneous anodic and cathodic formate production at high currents. To achieve this, CO2 reduction was coupled with glycerol oxidation: a BiOBr-modified gas-diffusion cathode and a NixB on Ni foam anode keep their selectivity for formate in the paired electrolyzer compared to the half-cell measurements. The paired reactor here reaches a combined Faradaic efficiency for formate of 141 % (45 % anode and 96 % cathode) at a current density of 200 mA cm‑2.

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