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Silver‐Mediated Squaric Acid Reduction as a Facile, Ambient‐temperature and Seedless Route to Tunable Bimetallic Au/Ag Nanostars and Nanosnowflakes

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We report a simple, ambient-temperature, and single-pot route to bimetallic Au : Ag nanoparticles that employs squaric acid as the reducing and capping agent. Variation in the synthetic Au : Ag ratio reveals striking consequences for the nanoparticle morphology with related impact on the nanocatalytic activity toward nitroarene reduction.


Bimetallic Au/Ag nanoparticles were successfully synthesized using a facile and reproducible method involving rapid, room-temperature mixing of aqueous solutions of HAuCl4 and AgNO3 in the presence of squaric acid as both the reducing agent and surface capping ligand. Variation in the initial Au : Ag molar ratio yielded a tunable anisotropic shape and affiliated surface plasmon resonance. The nanoparticles displayed excellent stability in water for at least 10 weeks and showed robust catalytic activity in the borohydride-assisted reduction of the model substrate 4-nitrophenol.

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